Sunday, June 30, 2013

Random Update!!!

Hai everyone! So, as to recap this past week, I've developed a schedule to working out with Kenzie and my sister Tahtiana: Monday is Running; Tuesday is Tennis; Wednesday is Sports; Thursday is Exploring/Trail Walk; and Friday is Wii/X-Box(all the dancing/workout/Zumba games that we have).

I've also dyed my hair a type of red
and I've been lazy and haven't straightened these curls yet ^w^ 
Also, for some reason, I've been waking earlier and earlier. But I still go to sleep extremely late (about four in the morning). Sometimes I've woken at 7 in the morning, other times at 6 in the morning. Today, I woke at 5...and had went to bed two hours earlier.

My summer math course is finally almost done! So I'll be through with math before the fourth of July *happy dance* I've been working on typing up the rest of my journals..still going to take a while because they start as far back as 2007, some even farther. UnU BUT I CAN DO EET!!! ^w^ And I just ordered a black scrying mirror! SOOOOO excited! >w< It's round. Not square or rectangular. I dunno why, but cornered ones unnerve me. Soooo, that's why I have a round one...

I've also tried on those L.A. colors deluxe eyelashes I got a while back. Just to try them out for the first time. I think I did okay, but it definitely still needs some work!
Please excuse the fugliness and unexperienced makeup that I did. Can you even see them? Mayhaps I should've taken a different picture...*shrugs* Oh yeah, that loli wig? Used to be really long...Hacked at it. Not really. My friend cut it for me ^w^ I think it looks better this way.

And I've done some character sketchings for Jason's Dark Innocence project that we are now working on together ^w^ my artness, his story. Pretty excited about it. AND I HAVE A NEW WORKING PHONE YOU GUYS!!!!! *spazzes* I cannot tell you HOW HAPPY I AM to have a serviced phone again. *flails around happily* To call! And text! And HAVE BARS IN PLACES AND USE THEM!!! >w< If you'd like to text me and stuffs, you can message/email me ^w^ CONNECTIONS ARE WONDERFUL THINGS!!! And I love communication...strange, because sometimes I'm antisocial, but YES!!!

And this morning, Jason pointed out that he could see the pointed tip of my ears ^w^ Yes, the tips of my ears have a point to them. My hair usually covers them, though. In elementary school and middle school, everyone used to take notice of them. I guess I hid them in high school....*shrugs* in college, it was half n half. I dunno. But yeah! I has pointy ears ^w^

Methinks that's all for now...LOVE YOU GUYS! ^w^