Monday, June 10, 2013

What's New!

So, the past few days I've been catching up on my math class and toying with the idea of getting a little more serious about the gyaru style, as far as hair and makeup go. Also, I've been doing some more future planning with the fiance and having some family fun with my mum and sisters this past weekend. I also noticed that the fae decided to take me up on my welcome offer, so to speak, as mushrooms have been sprouting up all over the yard just as they used to before I left fo join the Marine Corps. ^w^ That made me happy. As well as seeing the birds that Mum and Pa (see my "Unseelie" post) like to send to watch me outside my window or if I leave the house ^w^

What I've also been doing lately is consuming a few yellow rose petals before I settle in to read at night and go to sleep. It started with me researching what I could do with rose petals and what properties did they have. I've lots of abilities and like to expand my skills and knowledge on them, so when I read that they also help with dreams and what not, I thought: "why not? I've been having them a lot more over the past few months. Let's see what happens." So that night I made tea with a few of the perals, added some honey and sugar and drank it. Chewing the petals themselves...not tasty...not in the least...soooo, I just downed them and continued reading my Shamanic Traditions book (I'll explain that later in another journal). After a while, my body did the usual signs of sleepy time, but when I read, it was like I started to space out and my body got slightly jumpy like it does whenever my astral gets slammed back into my physical body at times. At first I was, WTF BODY, but then I just closed the book and went to sleep. The next morning, I wrote down everything I remembered from my dream. So now, I've decided to have a petal or two every night then read book, and when I get to that point again, call it a night and let it happen. Also it helps in my healing process that I'm going through *facepalm* The white barn owl that I see when I retreat within to heal myself says it's good with also pinpointing the areas that I need to work on; as well soooooo *thumbs up* just feels right.

But, what I also find interesting is that how closely Jason and I are linked/bonded, and he's begun to have similar dreams too. ^w^ That makes me happeh =w=

This awesome beauty right there *points to picture* should be arriving as early as the 25th! I'm so excited!!! *spazzes* so many awesome ideas I have for this one >w<

But yeah, this one I'm going to test out as my second "gyaru" wig, I suppose one would say...and it just looks flipping awesome!

Tis all for now! *goes back to doing homework*