Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Update/Commissions/Artness/AllThingsEnchanted/Metaphysical Store

Hai you guys! ^w^ Been a little bit since I've posted. Welll, I've been looking for myyyyyyyyyyyy *inserts drumroll* wedding dress! ^w^ And some bridesmaids dresses, as well. The date (for the small one) is October 18th. Pretty excited! Tis also a Full Moon in Aries ^w^ OuO
That's the update!

I am open for commissions, and the prices are negotiable/flexible. Only thing is that I'm not too good with backgrounds or landscapes. If you want to look at some of the artness that I have online, www.elisara-victoria.deviantart.com is where you can find me ^w^ also on my fb page, too  https://www.facebook.com/eli.vee.kei

Speaking of FB, I have now made a page for my online boutique, All Things Enchanted. Business has been really slow the past month, and I'm in need of munies, so I'm hoping to get everything up and running ASAP. Rent, car payments, phone bill, wedding stuffs...*sighs*
As I've mentioned on  my FB shop page ( https://www.facebook.com/enchantmentawaits ) I have tons of coupons to aid you guys' purchases and whatnots, and I'm open to adding your suggestions to my store, https://allthingsenchanted.kitsylane.com/

On to the metaphysical portion. If I can't make the items, candles, etc., I can most definitely get them and send them out to you. Artness of the God/dess, or of whomever you'd like, I can do it. Books, (love finding books for people), I can send them to you. Readings, I may be a little dusty...it's been a few months, but I can do those, too. Stones and crystals and the like, any kind, any way, any color, I can have them out to you within the week.

*looks up* As I said, I'm in a tight spot, and may be out of a phone again by the end of the month. So, I'm pushing to get as much done as possible. I have a paypal account, and accept payment via PayPal. *crosses fingers* I need all the help/requests I can get right now...

Love you all!

***I'll also be moving to Iwakuni before the year  is out, depending on how fast the paperwork goes...