Saturday, October 5, 2013

Three Faces

Time has passed and some things have changed. SO, I decided to redraw my three faces as they are now.

Here is the old one:

The demon has since grown more horns and even sprouted some hard, bone-like wings (yes, she can fly with them); she doesn't lash out as much...kind of refined now.
She was the first I redrew, so that's why she's still in pencil. On the very first page of my latest sketchbook, too ^^

D.B. the demon, progeny to Asmodeus. Long black hair, deep chocolate brown eyes. She has horns growing from her ribs, too. Just can't see them here cuz her arms are blocking them. Those bony, horn wings? Yes, she can fly quite well with them. She has little to no clothing on, if not roaming completely naked. Her consort is Kal, and his pictures will be coming up shortly.

If you know Faerie Runes, you'll see that in the upper left corner, that is her full name. Word of caution, don't invoke me. I will NOT be a happy camper. -.-

The faerie has grown into herself more, with a deeper understanding of herself and what she is capable of (though, she is still learning).
E.K.V. the Unseelie Sidhe. Long, milk silver-white hair rarely pulled back; yellow eyes. I did have her name written in the corner with Faerie Runes as well, but the scan blurred it a bit because of the book, so I just took it out.

She is mated/paired with D.P. (most of you know as Plutus), and they have 15 kids (will explain ALLL that mess later). She has more balance since the last time, hence why her eyes have their true color. Still loves to frolick, but she knows more about herself and her abilities, and practices as often as she can to hone her skills. Often she is called the Seer amongest the court, commonly is "Lady Seer". The middle child of Mab Andais, Queen of the Unseelie Court, and Liam Eamon, consort to M.A., her older brother is Defoe and her younger sister is M.B.V. There is much history of their family in general, and, as with the children, the explanation will come later.

The wolf is not as hot-headed, but she listens, observing everything.
X. The Wolf. As with the drawing of EKV, I had her name written in Faerie Runes, but cut it out due to the quality of the scan. Long light silver hair that turns to black at the tips; cool gray eyes.

She is no longer as hot-headed as she used to be. Of all my forms, she is the most level-headed and calm. She had grown wise over the years, and a silent observer. She is still Alpha of the Pack, and she keeps it running smoothly. Her mate is Gabriel (more information later), and he compliments her quite nicely. If she has to, she will be ruthless; get on her good side, and she'll treat you like family. The Trinity are still her betas, and they are all fine with that.

I'm still not sure if I'm going to color this or not, seeing as how when I originally drew this on October 1, I just had the <b>urge</b> to draw. The faerie is the base form, but lately, they've all been in harmony. When they switch over within me, it used to put me off on just how smoothly they exchanged the reigns. But I've since gotten used to it, and I look at it as an achievement: all it is is harmonized balance. And I'm glad that I have it now. Also, if you look at their hair... When I drew them separately, their part was on the opposing side, but it didn't feel like it was still there. Their parting mimics my own, which is now on the right; so, while the separate drawings are still up-to-date in appearance, they are fully up-to-date in all here in this combined picture.

Since drawing this on the first of this month, some of my friends in my group have asked me to draw them their forms as well. Brittie, Jamie, and Jason are next. The first two because they are my RL friends and part of the group; the third because he is my darling, and if I'm going to draw my forms, of COURSE I'm going to draw whom they are paired/mated/bonded to. ^ w ^

Love and light, darlings!

What I used:

  • Prismacolor Premiere fine line markers (01, 03, 05, 08) and the chisel tip marker
  • black sharpie (for the frame)