Monday, January 20, 2014

I went digital

First thing I've legitly uploaded on here since the New Year. I've made a tumblr, started making videos of me singing and uploading them to youtube, I've sort of Ascended into what we've nicknamed as the Goddess Tier. I'm a few weeks away from moving to Japan. I've found both of my Betas. My group and I are Indigo, and one of the members feels that my husband and I will have Crystal children. ^^ I'm trying to do more digital art (but I'm always gonna do traditional artness OwO). My altar isn't physically set up, but I've been collecting more and more things for it >w<

Aaaaaaand my brain just shat itself, so YAY!!! This is what I have for now. Oh, and my style is a mesh of Ulzzang and Oneegyaru..