Friday, November 7, 2014

2014November7 - Interpretation and Analysis

I had a total of three dreams today/this morning, or at least three dreams that I remembered having upon waking... The first two were much longer and more detailed, so I'll not type that here, but I will type that last of them.

In this third dream that I had, I was standing in a lush green field. The sun was very bright and shining and high in the clear sky. I was being handed a very large and plump watermelon, and the hands that offered them to me were lighter than my own tone and they felt female; they were also palms up. There was even a soft gentle breeze. When I woke from this dream, I remember thinking to myself to actually use that dream dictionary on my Metaphysicals bookshelf and look them up.

Why? Well, the night before I had noted the nudges towards the Goddess Isis (and Hathor, but that is for another time, perhaps) and usually the best time to talk with her is in the evenings and full moons. Yesterday was a Full Moon, so point taken, I found a prayer that was perfect for me to say in regards to communicating with her and it stated to say it before going to sleep for the night. Needless to say, I did. ^w^

Back to that dream dictionary. So, I flipped through the book, looking up the meanings of the dream itself, and I am not sure if I am surprised or satisfied.

Wind: a gentle wind predicts approaching good news.
Sun: bright clear sunlight forecasts success in all that concerns you.
Hand(s): beautiful, clean, and well-groomed hands forecast satisfaction in life. 
Palm(s): a legacy or an unexpected valuable gift is likely to follow a dream featuring the palms of your own hands or those of others.
Fruit: as a general rule cultivated fruit in a dream is a favorable omen if it is ripe.
Watermelon: they forecast unexpected travel.
Field: green and/or pleasant fields signify great prosperity and happy circumstances in both personal and business affairs.
The Color Green: green pertains to travel or news from a distance.
Skin Color: dreams involving people of a color other than your own are generally lucky omens pertaining to money and/or business.

I do believe that She did hear my prayers, and in turn this (and the other two dreams) were Her way of responding to them. I do intend to travel next month, but from this interpretations, it seems as though there is to be some unexpected/unplanned travel... After looking into this one more and seeing how they tie in with my prior dreams (the second dream i did not sugarcoat my vocalized thoughts at my father-in-law's barging into our cabin. -.- the first dream was took place in a house i grew up in again and there was a girl that lived in the alley behind the backyard and i left food out for her until i eventually got close enough to talk to and befriend her; she was about my age), I need to be more alert...

Carry on.